Postad av Ingrid Söderberg on° feb 01, 2019
A second visit was paid to Huis Talje by members of the Landskrona-Glumslöv Rotary Club of Sweden. The previous visit took place in 2008 which was a fact finding mission to establish if funding was needed to improve the living conditions of residents of Huis Talje. John Kristofferson and Ingrid Söderberg were delighted to find that funds that were generated by Rotary and other stake-holders was utilised to improve bathrooms, the kitchen, laundry and staff living quarters. The visitors will be reporting back to the Oak Foundation and their respective Rotary clubs that much needed funds can and will be utilised to upgrade more facilities of disabled residents.
In the photo appear Carissa Tolken, staff member of Huis Talje, John Kristofferson, visitor from Sweden, Joey Marakalla, staff member of Huis Talje and Ingrid Söderberg, visitor from Sweden.